My Name is Samuel Thanuvelil Thomas. I am a polyglot, full-stack developer from India. My favourite back-end stack is the Phoenix Framework and PostgreSQL. On the front-end, I am a big fan of VueJS and for mobile development I love to work with the Ionic Framework. I also enjoy doing DevOps stuff like server provisioning and deployment on Digital Ocean.

My passion for the web started while I was at my higher secondary school itself. I was very curious about the how the web works and I began learning the basics of web development from various online resources. The Internet technology really fascinated me and it motivated me to pursue my degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Along with my studies, I continued web development just as a hobby, but soon after I began getting opportunities for doing web projects as a freelancer for many small businesses and as a volunteer for numerous non-profit organizations.

Initially I did all my server side scripting with core php with my own set of libraries. My journey with web frameworks started with Flask, a micro-framework in Python. After understanding the basic concepts like routing, controllers, models, templates etc I began experimenting with a lot of frameworks in different languages. I was looking for a framework that best suited my needs as a solo developer. Productivity and Performance were my major concerns. But I couldn’t find a framework that provided the best of both worlds. But one day, I accidentally came across the Phoenix Framework. It was an aha moment for me.

On the front end world, I used to write a lot of DOM traversal code in the past. But when the lines of code began to increase, maintainability became a nightmare. I began exploring other modern frameworks. Among this, VueJS appeared more approachable to me. I really like the progressive standpoint of VueJS without being monolithic.

After my graduation in 2015, I joined at the development center of a UAE based IT company as a programmer and I worked for them for 1 year and 8 months. But at nights and weekends I continued working independently. Right now I am working from home as freelance developer on certain projects and also I am doing the preparations for pursuing my Master’s degree.